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24.08.2016 00:25, Charles Jacobus E-mail Homepage :
I have four Pat Martino CD-s.
I feel he is the best Guitarist.
His dexterity is amazing.
Can you imagine Pat Martino and Art Tatum together. I was lucky to see and hear Art Tatum
play at a concert in the original Birdland.
My best,

20.11.2015 22:53, tom floyd from West Palm Beach, Fla E-mail :
Hi Jorg I hope that you may consider a 'Pat Martino, the side man years " Pat is on the new Eric Alexander album and a previous album "The First Milestone ". HE is on :"Gettin Blazed" by Jermaine Landsberger ,"6 String Theory " by Lee Ritenour ." Street Of Dreams , by Joey Defranesco, in addition to"Conversations" byPat and Michael Sagmeister. Tom

19.08.2015 20:11, Mark Maxson from USA E-mail Homepage :
Trying to locate a transcription for "Prelude". Any help would be appreciated.
Best from Mark

18.04.2014 20:59, Gustavo Gonzalez Osal from Venezuela E-mail :
I was wrote this note some years. I buy Martino's books fron #1 to #21, and all Benson, Lagrene, Bernstein and Wes Montgomery books. I'm grateful with all this impecable material in my hands. GREAT JOB!!! EXCELLENT!!!.

23.02.2014 01:34, Martin Rosenberger E-mail :
I just received the 3 George Benson books and Pat Martino Live At Yoshi's. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your transcriptions. I only wish I had this available 50 years ago.

22.01.2014 02:44, Christine from USA :
I just received the Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue transcriptions. Thank you for your excellent service and fast shipping.

23.03.2013 15:33, MITCHELL E-mail :

25.12.2012 17:32, felix hartl E-mail :
hallo, danke für die pat martino Transkriptionen, leider ohne Tabs und griffbilder. eine Übersetzung von pats buch wäre auch super - ins deutsche, danke f.

17.07.2012 10:52, Glen Cummings :
I just received the Bireli Lagrene transcriptions;
they are meticulously accurate! Jorg deserves
a great deal of credit for his attention to detail and his contribution to jazz education.

08.06.2012 08:59, Klaus from Mainz E-mail :
Hallo Jazzfreunde
habe von einer Riverboat shuffle auf dem Rhein gehört könnt ihr das bestätigen ?
Klaus Django Sun


Hallo Klaus Django Sun,

bedingtes JA, denn die JIM ist nicht (mehr) Veranstalter der Shuffle, sondern das Hafeneck Mainz:
02.04.2012 00:41, Johnny B. :
A Big Thanks to Dr. J!! Recently picked up the George Benson series of books!! Great note-for-note transcriptions!! Excellent response & delivery time as well!! The best in the business!! Highly Recommend!!

29.03.2012 10:45, volume110 :
Jazz Radio Stations

20.02.2012 19:33, Josh from USA E-mail :
I ordered 2 Pat Martino transcription books from Dr. Heuser. He was very prompt and helpful with his email responses and the transaction went smoothly.

04.02.2012 20:20, Spyros from Griechenland :
A month ago, I received the Wes Montgomery transcriptions from "Smokin' at the Half Note" (WM #4) and I have been studying them for a while. The transcriptions are extremely accurate and very readable. I will definitely order more books from Dr. Jörg in the near future.

Highly recommended!

16.10.2011 16:06, tom floyd E-mail :
hi, are you going to transscribe pat martinos new cd "undeniable" ? i would love also, a transcription to "conversation " by pat and michael sagmeister . it would be great to have both pats and michaels solos. thanks , tom floyd


Hello Tom,

yes, I have received the album just 4 days ago... and I'm done with the first 2 tracks. I'll try my best to finish the book before X-mas.
All the best, Jörg
30.09.2011 20:33, Eleni :
Gratulation zur gut gemachten homepage: übersichtlich + schnell - und natürlich Gratulation zur brandneuen Grand Central CD - ich bin begeistert!
Mach weiter so!

09.08.2011 14:37, Bob from Boonton, NJ, US :
Just recieved the Consciousness transcriptions and am knocked out. Most execllent work Dr. Heuser, most excellent.

08.06.2011 19:57, Vicci from Deutschland E-mail :
SHEIK YERBOUTI live am 16.9. in Mainz - und ich kann nicht dabei sein!!! Ist das ärgerlich!!! Ich hoffe der Kalender 2012 sieht weitere Konzerte in der Mainzer Gegend vor... :-/

22.05.2011 17:44, Robert K Bergman from Lynnwood Wa. U.S.A. E-mail :
I recently reiceived (5.19.11) Pat Martino #24 Remember
Once again an excellent job on the transcription !
As a Jazz guitarist( i.e. always studying )your transcriptions are invaluable Keep up the good work , it is greatly appreciated !

02.05.2011 02:22, David O'Rourke from New Jersey, USA Homepage :
Dr. Heuser, Many thanks for all your hard work on these transcriptions - the Pat Martino ones alone are an amazing body of work!


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Entries: 86



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