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01.04.2011 13:47, David Mikautadze from Indiana, USA :
Thanks Dr. Heuser for taking the time to transcribe all this wonderful and difficult music!!!!

You are a light in the darkness.


03.03.2011 08:43, Jerome Ali from Las Vegas, NV E-mail Homepage :
Dr.Hueser is a wonderful transcription artist. I would personally like to thank him for his talents. He is truly an asset to all jazz musicians.
Thank You!
Jerome Ali

13.09.2010 18:05, Greg Underwood E-mail :
Excellent service, fast shipping, and direct communication with Dr. Heuser. I highly recommend purchasing Dr. Heuser's transcriptions.


20.06.2010 09:32, Jorg Heuser Fan from Italy :
The transcriptions are very accurate! These are the Bible for jazz guitar students. I thank Dr. Jorg for his work. Music save my soul. =dFTeb17uv2Q&feature=relat ed


07.05.2010 19:01, Shadow from United Kingdom Homepage :
I envy your transcription abilities...wish I had more time to transcribe!

Shadow uk

01.05.2010 13:59, Ruffino Tino from Montreal, Canada :
Great work , fantastic material that is accurate and time saving. I wish I would have discovered this web site years ago. As far a I am concerned, these transcriptions should be a part every serious guitar students library.

22.03.2010 19:06, Micheal Bishop from Porland Oregon, USA E-mail :
Dr. Jorg's Kenny Burrell, George Benson , and Wes Montgomery transcriptions are the most complete and accurate in the music business. I can say this with some authority as I had the rare opportunity to study jazz with Kenny Burrell back in the early 80's.

27.10.2009 02:44, Yol E-mail Homepage :
Hi Jörg!

Where are the photos??? It would be nice to see you on your web site...

Hope you're doing well,


23.09.2009 03:17, Rüdiger Weckbacher E-mail :
Hey Boys,
schön, dass Ihr ein schönes Konzert hattet
Ich vermisse Euch
J , Rainer und ich haben auch viel Spass gehabt
so trifft sich unsere Musik im Himmel
Liebste Bussies

16.05.2009 19:22, Leni :
Hey Jörg, listening is good - but talking is good as well some times.......

25.02.2009 16:22, tom floyd from usa E-mail :
hi jorig, i greatly appreciate your terrific transcription series .i have collected aimost every pat martino book . my student randy labide orded most of them for me .i have recently orded all of the wes books . i would love to see , if possible,the legendry wes albums transcribed :full house ,wes trio ,tequila . also, joe pass :for django. i look foward to future projects. tom floyd

20.09.2008 15:58, joanthan hicsk E-mail :
thanks for the fast return, great job

22.08.2008 19:37, Jack Leverette E-mail :
Just a jazz singer, or just a singer trying to find a band to jam with and perform live.

27.06.2008 12:39, Arnfinn Arnedal :
Thanks for the great transcription of Pat Martino's Prelude !

25.03.2008 10:49, Matthew H Camp from Phoenix AZ E-mail Homepage :
Many Thanks for posting the transcription to Olee! Without your efforts, the opening would have been impossible for me!

18.11.2007 22:58, Leni :
Gutgemachte Seite, tolle neue CD, grosses Lob!

17.08.2007 19:52, Matt E-mail :
I recently purchased the trancription for the ablum: Pat Martino Live at Yoshi's. I am very pleased with the accuracy of the transciptions. Theyre perfect. Nice Work!

02.04.2007 12:19, support :

29.10.2006 10:42, Ariel Hounshell E-mail :
I love your big band charts. I am looking for 2 songs for big band. Cookin', by Lou Donaldson, and Mean Greens, by Harry "Sweets" Edison. Let me know if you have them or can you get them. Thanks, Ariel Hounshell

19.09.2006 15:35, michael E-mail Homepage :
link it now

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Entries: 86



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