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27.05.2006 11:28, Constantijn Blondel from Holland and Leipzig, Germany E-mail :
Dear Doc,

We heard you in Halle with SY, and it was .... well, yes, I can say it, it was the best concert I have heard in my life (and I've heard some really great ones)...

I love your guitar playing, but also your work in the transcriptions and arrangements...

On the 'Ouch Patrol' DVD there are some fragments of your non-Sheik Yerbouti work, and I was completely bowled over by that too...At the moment I'm having some cash flow problems, but buying SY and Grand Central CD's and buying your transcriptions is very high on my to-buy list.

I'm really looking forward to hearing you again (either with SY, or with one of your other projects) in the near future and I'll be sure to come by and say hello and take another look at your gorgeous effects rack :-)

Warmest greetings,

Constantijn Blondel (and wife Annemarieke)

13.03.2006 22:14, Leni :
Sehr geehrter Herr Professor,
ich bewundere den Fleiss, mit dem Sie konsequent jede Note ´raushören und aufschreiben - und das auch noch korrekt!
Zusätzlich freut es mich zu hören, dass Sie trotz der vielen musikalischen Arbeit ab und zu auch noch die Zeit zur Pflege zwischenmenschlicher Beziehungen und gesellschaftlicher Verpflichtungen finden.
Ihre treue Leserin Leni.

04.03.2006 08:42, MORPHUEUS from Kassel E-mail Homepage :
Hallöchen,bin beim surfen auf dieser Seite gelandet. Wirklich intereressante Infos. Wünsche weiterhin gutes Gelingen und würde mich über einen virtuellen Besuch bei uns freuen.
Musikalische Grüße
Petra / MorpheusBild

09.10.2005 04:38, rafael ramirez E-mail :
Very Helpful page!

25.09.2005 19:32, Sabine :
also ich war jetzt schon öfter bei der grosse Zentrale und auch schon bei diese Scheichs von Sherbutter oder so, die Musik war ja net so mein Geschmack, aber dieser eine Gitarrespieler, also der Dünne, nett der mit der Dauerwelle, also den Dünne würd´ich schon gern ´mal zu ´nem Kaffee oder Tee einlade - und eine feine Briefmarkesammlung hab´ich übrigens auch....

09.08.2005 01:50, Mr. Fastfinger :
nicht schlecht junger freund......doch werdet mein jünger und ihr werdet erleuchtet werden ! /

23.06.2005 21:32, John D'Onofrio E-mail :
hi...i really enjoyed the website...Jorg did a fantastic job of collecting classic materials and putting them together into a form for everyone to enjoy...i recently wrote to Jorg and received a very prompt, courtesous wishes...John

11.04.2005 20:55, Audun :
I really liked this HP. I've been looking for Zappa Written Music for years and have now found it. Happy to see that other Big Band Lovers also are Zappa Maniacs. Looking forward to use your arrangements on both big band and Zappa.


14.03.2005 02:35, Timo Maiwald from Herne / Germany E-mail Homepage :
Hallo Jörg!
Super HP! Hast ja wirklich viel zu tun!!!
Liebe Grüße aus dem Ruhrgebiet und bis bald :-)
der TiMo

12.03.2005 23:52, Matt E-mail :
Many thanks to Jorg for sending the head to Special Door, Pat Martino. With great effort, I am happily jamming it in my trio now!
Thanks again Jorg!

28.02.2005 19:56, angy E-mail Homepage :
Gruss :)

06.10.2004 14:20, Robin :
Danke das du mich auf das s aufmerksam gemacht hast!!!

31.08.2004 14:35, Thomas Jaeger from D :
Hallo Doc Heuser,

vielen Dank für die schnelle Zusendung der Black-Page-Transkription. Sehr, sehr nett!

Ich werde an dich denken, wenn ich mir die Finger an dem Stoff verrenke ;-)

Alles Gute

Thomas Jaeger (Koblenz)

28.08.2004 23:59, randy langione E-mail :
I have the live at yoshi`s book Thanks. I would like pat martino`s " lament" transcription. what should i do?

15.07.2004 21:07, Thomas Jung E-mail Homepage :
Hi Doc,

die besten Wünsche zu DEINEM 40. Geburtstag.
Dass du uns noch lange jazzmäßig "verseuchst" und wir noch viel Spaß mit dir haben.

Liebe Grüße aus Montabaur

04.07.2004 22:31, Arnold Kramer E-mail :
Dear Dr.Heuser,
For me this a dream come true. Since I was 10 years old I longed for the day when I could listen to the music of the masters and have the music in front of me. This is now becoming a reality. I look forward to receiving your work and thank you most sincerely in advance for the wonderful work you are doing.
Keep it up. I look forward to receiving the books soon.
Take care.

12.04.2004 13:07, Andrew Zallar E-mail :
Dear Dr. Heuser:
Replying to your email, If it would be possible for you to send me the entire tunes for "the Phineas Trane" and "dozen Down" as jpgs to Thank you MUch. You are a lifesaver. Perhaps soon in the future, I will buy one of your books. I just need some money... Anyways, thanks again.

20.03.2004 13:19, sherif .w .watson E-mail :
i'm searching for the transcription of the holy diver's solo

09.03.2004 01:52, James P. Derise E-mail :

> Dear Dr. Heuser,

> As you already know, I am a guitar player who has bought some of


> books on Pat Martino

> I have been a tremendous jazz fan and listener, ardently and almost

> exclusively, though I love all music, and very importantly, it's universal

> aspects, for at least the last 6 to 8 years, as I grew heavy into it.(the

jazz). I

> have received my graduate degree in music ed with jazz guitar as my major

> instrument.

> Since around June of last year, although I was pretty heavily


> to Pat Martino before as well, he has now come to encompass everything to


> with my own CD listening, reading all of his licks and incorporating them

> into my own guitar playing, and in my whole musical being. This is not


> any signs of slowing down!!!

> My main question today is:

> Years ago, I guess in the late 70's, and early 1980's, there was a

> guitar pick in the guitar stores, called the "Pat Martino Mind Pick." His


> sound is so beautiful"

> Where can I find these and purchase them? (A lot of them). I know


> strings he uses and all that, and I tend to use different gauges, but I


> would Like those picks!

> Thank you for you help in this. (There isn't one album of his that


> do not really like, or even one song that isn't real good!) ( I am from


> New York, right outside New York City).

> I will probably want some more of his books again in a few, as well.


> Sincerely,


> JimmyD

25.12.2003 18:28, Janne Ersson E-mail Homepage :
Janne Ersson Big Band is burning more than ever...

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Entries: 86



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